What is Rotary?

Curious about joining Rotary?  Not too sure exactly what Rotary does? 

Rotary is a non-political, non-sectarian group of like minded individuals who, collectively can do more than any one can do on their own.

If you are interested in volunteering to help your community below is a list of the things you can do.  However, any individual Rotarian can always initiate other projects with the approval of the club's board.



The club current engages in two regular fundraising activities.

Each month, the club conducts a BBQ outside Harvey Norman at Regentville on the first weekend of the month.  We are always looking for extra volunteers and you do not need to be a member of Rotary to lend a hand.

During the football season, we also sell doubles at each home game on behalf of our local Panthers team.  This activity occurs during the preliminary game(s) but ceases immediately on kick-off of the main game.

From time to time during the year, the club will be approached to undertake BBQs for organizations and businesses around the region.  While many of our retired members can staff these requested BBQs, again if you are able to offer help, it will be gratefully received.

We also provide marshals for various sporting events during the year.

With more members we can take on more and new fundraising activities initiated by, or in collaboration with, those new members


Aussi Bangla Smile

Nepean Rotary is proudly associated with the specialist medical team of surgeons, anesthetists and nurses from Nepean Hospital that makes annual pilgrimages to Bangladesh to operate on child victims of cleft plate and young women with fistula.  The leader of the team, Dr Hasan Sarwar, is a member of the Nepean Rotary Club.

Outbound exchange students

Each year Nepean Rotary sends selects and funds a student to engage in a one-year cultural exchange programme overseas.  Students in years 10-11 are eligible for the programme and acquire not only insight into the culture and mores of a foreign country but also gain in maturity and self-confidence under this programme.  If you have a son or daughter in the eligible age group please feel free to contact the club if you are interested in this programme

Inbound exchange students

For each outbound exchange studnets the club is obligated to accept a corresponding student from overseas the following year.  These inbound students will stay in Australia for a year and will live with four different families in this period.  The family of the outbound is normally one of these families.  All host families must comply with Working With Children requirements.


Each year in September, selected Year 10 Agricultural students from Penrith High Schools visit West Wyalong to gain insight into life in the country. This visit gives students insight into the difficulties of and differences between life in the city and the country.
In November, Year 10 students from West Wyalong reciprocate the visit to Penrith to gain work experience in various vocations that may not be available in West Wyalong. Usually, students will stay with Rotarians and their families but often students will stay with the families of students who previously went to West Wyalong as friendships form during these interchanges.
Vocational Service Awards and Pride of Workmanship Awards recognize the contributions that both employers and employees make in the everyday workplace. It is easy to overlook the contribution that awardees make on a daily basis and these awards acknowledge those contributions. If you have encountered anyone who would be worthy of such an award please let us know.


Each year Nepean Rotary honors young students from local high schools who have stood out in their school community with a dinner entitled 'Focus on Youth'. These students may have excelled in academic achievement but may be selected on the basis of their service to their school community or the community outside their school.

Additionally, the club supports both inbound and outbound exchange students. Outbound students have the opportunity to spend a school year in a foreign country where they gain exposure to another country's culture and history. Inbound students spend a year at a school here in Australia learning about our culture and mores. Inbound students often meet other inbound students periodically to share their experiences and to participate in activities that enable them to visit other parts of Australia.

Nepean Rotary also encourages young people to participate in our RYPEN (Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment) and RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards). The former is for 15-17 year-olds and the latter for young people between the ages of 18-25. These programmes are intensive, week-long camps held during school holidays. Any person in the community can nominate a young person to attend either of these programmes so if you know of a potential candidate, please contact us.

We also nominate those who are considering a career in science to attend the Siemens Science Programme. This week-long course furthers young people's interest in the field of science and enables them to interact with other young people with the same orientation.

Each year we also sponsor schools to participate in MUNA (mini UN assembly). If your school is interested, and you need a sponsor, please contact us.